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Running Assessment

Running is one of the easiest and most common ways to stay fit. Unfortunately, running injuries are common and can affect the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.   A running gait assessment can help to reduce the risk of injury by exploring any biomechanical insufficiency that may predispose you to injury.  Through digitally capturing your running gait frame by frame, we can identify areas that could lead to injury and effect your sporting ability.  Equally as important, we look at your training loads in order to ensure your body’s capabilities match the demanded load.

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Cycling Clinic

Cycling is a fantastic low impact form of exercise that can be used at almost any age and any level of fitness.  However, research has found that approximately 85% of cyclists will get injured, with the main areas being knee, neck and shoulders and lower back.  Physiotherapists are uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive ‘bike-fit’ by using their extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

A ‘bike-fit’ extended physiotherapy consultation

involves a thorough assessment of biomechanics both on and off the bike.  Following this, we can identify areas where the cyclist will benefit from specific rehabilitation exercises and areas where adaptations need to be made on the bike.  The result: a complete bike and body fit-out tailored to you, ensuring that your body and bike work seamlessly together to avoid injury.

Whether you are looking for comfort while cycling with the kids or looking to improve your efficiency and race results you can be confident that we can help you reach your goal.

During the 90 minute

session we will digitally assess your cycling technique and biomechanics on and off the bike, along with any injuries you are carrying. Your consultation will include:

  • Cycling specific questioning
  • Musculoskeletal screening
  • Static examination on the bike looking at current bike set-up and measurements
  • Video analysis of your cycling technique
  • Adaptions to bike **
  • Rehabilitation / management plan
  • Advice on exercises and stretches to assist your performance.

** we work closely with the local bike shops should you need a specific bike part to improve your fit**
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About our cycling physio

Orla has completed multiple post-graduate courses in bike fitting both in the Australian Institute of Sports in Varese and in France. In addition, she is a keen cyclist, taking part in many of the UAE local races. She has experienced first-hand how discomfort on the bike can effect cycling enjoyment and performance.  Her unique combination of clinical and cycling experience has allowed her to treat cyclists successfully with excellent results for that last five years. Her methodological approach aims to create a bike position that fits the cyclist’s goals and their body’s ability.

Event Cover

Our physiotherapists LOVE sport and getting involved with teams and competitions.  We have many years working pitch side for a variety of different sports.  If you have a sporting event that you would like supported by physiotherapists and first aiders please email us on.

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