Jacqueline Eley

Jacqueline Eley

Senior Physiotherapist

Jac obtained her physiotherapy qualification from the University of Melbourne, Australia and has over 22 years of experience working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in Australia, England, Singapore, and UAE. She has treated a wide range of acute and chronic sports injuries of world class and recreational athletes; chronic occupational and lifestyle overuse injuries; and rehabilitation of surgical patients.

Jac’s extensive experience has given her the clinical skills to understand the biomechanics and root causes behind injury or pain, to ensure that the correct manual therapy techniques are used, appropriate exercises prescribed and ergonomic or lifestyle changes made. She uses the Pilates exercise method for injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement to compliment her manual therapy.

But it is not only Jac’s sound clinical knowledge and invaluable experience that makes her such a popular Physio here in Dubai; she is compassionate, approachable and understanding of those who are affected by injury – getting people back ‘doing what they love’ is central to her treatment approach.

Orla White

Orla White

Senior Physiotherapist | Clinical Manager

Orla completed a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Physiology in Ireland, followed by a Masters in Physiotherapy from the UK.  To date she has enjoyed a varied career working in both high level amateur sports and treating members of the general public in private medical facilities.

Orla moved to Dubai on 2011 where she spent five years in a well-known Sports Medicine Facility.  Here, she worked alongside Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Medicine Physicians and Strength and Conditioning Coaches.  She is an all-round physiotherapist and enjoys treating an array of patient populations, both sporting and non-sporting.  She has a particular interest in chronic pain, in particular lower back pain.  Through education and changing believes around chronic pain, her approach is simple yet highly effective.  She encourages her patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation and enjoys facilitating their goals, whatever they may be.

Her sporting passion lies in cycling injuries and prevention.  Having spent time in Italy and France training with world class physiotherapists in cycling, she is well positioned to effectively carry out bike-fits for both cycling injuries and performance enhancement through her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and cycling biomechanics.

Orla takes an ‘everything in moderation’ approach to life!  She enjoys a nice balance of work, socialising with friends and family and exercise.  She is a keen cyclist and currently races on the #thecyclehubarlaproteinrace team.

Mr Shahzada Asif Ejaz

Mr Shahzada Asif Ejaz

Sports Physiotherapist and Cricket Injury Specialist

Mr Shahzada Asif Ejaz is a Sports Physiotherapist and Cricket Injury Specialist. Asif obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Isra University (Pakistan) in 2004, as well as a Certification in Sports Medicine (Intl Olympic committee). He has over fourteen years’ experience practicing as a Sports Physiotherapist.

Asif has spent the majority of his career working within globally renowned sports organizations, such as Pakistan Football, Pakistan Cricket Board and was the former National team physiotherapist for Afghanistan Cricket. Asif has been working in UAE since 2013 and where he plays a key role within the Emirates Cricket Board, working full time with the UAE cricket team.

Asif has a special interest in dealing with lower back pain in fast bowlers, through a combination of movement analysis and exercise correction.  Asif will play an integral role within RU Active by continuing to provide physiotherapy services to the UAE team as well as seeing private patients.

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Jonathan Jagger

Jonathan Jagger


Jonny graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Coventry University, England in 2013. He’s had the opportunity to work within both the NHS and the private sporting sector whereby he’s gained invaluable clinical experiences in many specialist settings. From the high level athlete, the weekend warrior or the non-sporting individual, Jonny has treated a diversity of acute and chronic conditions, with a special interest in sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, orthopaedic conditions and gait and posture analysis.

With a passion for sport, Jonny has also enjoyed treating football players at an amateur and professional level, working alongside a well-known professional academy football club. He is capable of rehabilitating players with sporting injuries, including adolescent conditions, and returning them back to play as soon as possible.

As a clinician, Jonny has a strong focus on combining manual therapy techniques with exercise specific rehabilitation and education to ensure a holistic, client-centred approach to treatment. Together with postural corrections and biomechanical adjustments, this aids in the complete rehabilitation process and prevents the reoccurrence of injury.

Always the professional, Jonny approaches his work with an enthusiastic manner and encouraging atmosphere, ensuring each and every client feels valued and empowered whilst in a supportive environment. It’s not all work and no play though……in his spare time Jonny likes to socialise, travel, keep active and attempt to play football!

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